2016 Polaris Industries ACE™ 570 SP - Titanium Matte Metallic


Polaris Industries
ACE™ 570 SP - Titanium Matte Metallic



Why Polaris ACE™?
  • Unique Off-Road Experience: Polaris ACE is designed to give riders a unique off-road experience. It's industry exclusive design combines the nimble handling of an ATV with the security and comfort of a side by side. See what ACE riders everywhere have to say.
  • Capable and Confident: The Polaris ACE is packed with many of the same industry leading features and technology found on our Sportsman ATVs, RANGER utility vehicles and RZR sport performance side by sides. Built to tackle the toughest trails.
  • Comfortable: ACE is one of the most comfortable off-road vehicles out there. The sit in, step out design makes it easier to get into and out of than any other off-road vehicle out there. Combine that with the adjustable high back bucket seat and steering wheel and it's easy to see how ACE delivers all day comfort on the trail or at work.
Capability to Go Anywhere & Do Anything
  • Premium SP Performance Package: ACE 570 SP is packed with the following Premium Performance Features: New High-Performance Close Ratio On-Demand All Wheel Drive, Engine Braking (EBS), New Factory Installed Doors with Custom Graphics, Variable Assist Electronic Power Steering, New High Performance Steering Wheel, Automotive Style Paint with Custom Graphics, 12" Aluminum Wheels and Custom Cut & Sew High Back Bucket Seat.
  • Powerful 44 Horsepower ProStar® 570 Engine: The powerful 45HP ProStar® engine gives you the power to tackle almost any trail. It features dual overhead cams, 4 valves per cylinder, and electronic fuel injection to precisely deliver the fuel charge for instant, predictable throttle response.
  • High Performance Close Ratio On-Demand All Wheel Drive (AWD): The high-performance close ratio AWD system is the fastest engaging AWD system available. The instant you need more traction the system engages all four tires to give you forward traction while working with the Electronic Power Steering system for precision handling. The system automatically reverts back to 2WD when you're back on solid ground.
  • Engine Braking System (EBS): With our unique Engine Braking System (EBS), the engine assists with braking on hills and steep inclines. Polaris Dual-Sensing EBS senses both engine RPM and vehicle torque load to assist with smooth, controlled descents.
  • Trail Compliant 48" Width: With a stable 48" width the Polaris ACE is designed to hit tight, twisty trails and go where bigger side by sides can't go.
  • Independent Dual A-Arm Rear Suspension: A fully-independent rear suspension delivers 9.5 inches of travel for a terrain capable ride. High performance rear shocks tout easy to adjust preload capabilities so you can tailor our legendary smooth Polaris ride for any terrain.
  • High 10.25" of Ground Clearance: With more ground clearance than most ATV's the Polaris ACE clears tall rocks, logs and ruts with ease.
  • High Capacity Racks and Storage: Polaris off-road vehicles have built an unprecedented reputation for work and the storage capability of the all-new Polaris ACE™ is no different. With an integrated front storage compartment and high-capacity cargo box, the ACE can carry up to 360 lbs of gear for any off-road adventure.
  • Lock & Ride® Storage Solutions: Carry more cargo with Lock & Ride® storage solutions. The easy-to-install, purpose-built Lock & Ride® Rear Cargo box offers dust-proof and weather-proof cargo space, while the OGIO® Lock & Ride® 3-Piece Deluxe Cargo bag features multiple compartments, giving you options for gear storage.
  • 1,500 lbs. Towing Capacity: The work ethic of Polaris off-road vehicles was instilled into the heart and soul of the new Polaris ACE™ including the power and capability to tow loads up to 1,500 lbs.
Confidence to Take on Any Trail or Job
  • Automotive Style Controls: The ACE features familiar, confidence inspiring and sporty automotive style controls. Simply jump in and go.
  • Rider Centric Design with Security of a Cab Frame: The revolutionary design of the Polaris ACE™ combines the nimble handling of an ATV and the security and comfort of a side-x-side in a rider centric design. The compact, comfortable, and centralized seating position connects you directly with the machine for the ultimate off-road experience.
  • Low Center of Gravity for Stable and Responsive Ride: ACE features a low center of gravity and long 61.5" wheelbase for a smooth, stable and confident ride over rough terrain.
Comfortable for Long Days in the Seat
  • Electronic Power Steering: The smoothest, most responsive power steering available with variable assist for easier steering at lower speeds. Our EPS let's you ride all day with less fatigue from steering.
  • Sit In, Step Out Design: Unlike any other off-road vehicle riders sit into and step out of the Polaris ACE making entry and exit easier and more comfortable than any other machine out there.
  • Factory Installed Quarter Doors: It’s now easier than ever to get behind the wheel of a Polaris ACE thanks to factory installed quarter –doors and their spacious curved design. The doors feature an easy to access latch and striker assembly for one-hand operation; arched mid-point design for greater cockpit space and elbow room inside and bolster protection from debris on the outside.
  • Bolstered Bucket Seat: Enjoy all day comfort with the high-back, bolstered bucket seat. The plush, side bolsters deliver both comfort and control by keeping you properly positioned so you can focus on the ride or task at hand.
  • Adjustable Steering Wheel & Seat Slider: Pull back on the lever to position the steering wheel for a perfect fit and optimum control. Raise the wheel completely or combine with 4” of seat slider travel to ease entering and exiting.
  • Seat Belt Style 3-Point Harness: Every ACE is equipped with a comfortable, automotive style 3-point harness system.
  • Lock & Ride® Accessory System: Customize your ACE to your specific needs with Polaris Engineered Accessories™. The complete line of storage options gives you quick access to gear and ample storage space for your next adventure. Individual cab components offer enhanced comfort and protection from the elements.
Engine & Drivetrain
  • Horsepower (HP): 45 HP* Peak Horsepower, actual horsepower may vary
  • Engine Type: 4-Stroke DOHC Single Cylinder
  • Cylinders-Displacement (cc): 567cc
  • Transmission/Final Drive: Automatic PVT P/R/N/L/H; Shaft
  • Drive System Type: On-Demand True AWD/2WD
  • Engine Braking System (EBS): Standard
  • Cooling: Liquid
  • Fuel System: Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Front Suspension: MacPherson Strut With 8.2 in. (20.8 cm) Travel
  • Rear Suspension: Dual A-Arm, IRS 9.5 in. (24 cm) Travel
  • Parking Brake: Park in Transmission
Tires and Wheels
  • Front Tires: 25 x 8-12; 489
  • Rear Tires: 25 x 10-12; 489
  • Wheels: Cast Aluminum
  • Front/Rear Rack or Box Capacity: 120 lb. (55 kg)/240 lb. (110 kg)
  • Fuel Capacity (Litres): 5.25 gal. (19.9 L)
  • Ground Clearance: 10.25 in. (26 cm)
  • Overall Vehicle Size (L x W x H): 90 in. x 48 in. x 68 in. (229 cm x 122 cm x 173 cm)
  • Payload Capacity: 575 lb. (261 kg)
  • Person Capacity: 1
  • Wheelbase: 61.5 in. (156.2 cm)
  • Estimated Dry Weight (pounds/kg): 881 lb. (400.5 kg)
  • Cargo System: Lock & Ride
  • Color / Graphics: Titanium Matte Metallic
  • Electronic Power Steering: Standard
  • Hitch Towing Rating: 1,500 lb. (680.4 kg)
  • Hitch Type: Standard/1.25 in. Receiver
  • Instrumentation: Digital Gauge, Analog Speedometer, Odometer, Tachometer, Tripmeter, Gear Indicator, Fuel Gauge, AWD Indicator, Hi-Temp/Low-Batt Lights, DC Outlet
  • Lighting: Dual 50w Low Beam Bumper Lights, Dual Brakelights/Taillights
The Polaris Sportsman ACE™ can be hazardous to operate and is not intended for on-road use. Rider must be at least 16 years old with a valid driver’s license to operate. Always wear helmet, eye protection, and seat belt, and always use cab nets or doors (as equipped). Never engage in stunt driving, and avoid excessive speeds and sharp turns. Riding and alcohol / drugs don’t mix. All riders should take a safety training course. Call 800-342-3764 for additional information. Check local laws before riding on trails. ©2016 Polaris Industries Inc.



Engine Type
4-Stroke DOHC Single Cylinder
Engine Cooling
Fuel System
Electronic Fuel Injection


Front Travel
8.2 in. (20.8 cm)
Front Suspension
MacPherson Strut
Front Tires
25 x 8-12; 489
Rear Travel
9.5 in. (24 cm)
Rear Suspension
Dual A-Arm, IRS
Rear Tires
25 x 10-12; 489


Dry Weight
881 lb. (400.5 kg)
Front Rack Capacity
120 lb. (55 kg)
Rear Rack Capacity
240 lb. (110 kg)
Towing Capacity
1,500 lb. (680.4 kg)
Fuel Capacity
5.25 gal. (19.9 L)
Ground Clearance
10.25 in. (26 cm)
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH)
90 in. x 48 in. x 68 in. (229 cm x 122 cm x 173 cm)
61.5 in. (156.2 cm)

Drive Train

Drive Train
On-Demand True AWD/2WD
Final Drive
Automatic PVT P/R/N/L/H


Dual 50w Low Beam Bumper Lights, Dual Brakelights/Taillights
Titanium Matte Metallic


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